Bucket Lists Part 2

2:50 AM

 made this list shortly before I left. So more than one year later, here are the results...

To-Do's while in Malaysia
  1. Become fluent in Malay Not fluent, but definitely more than conversational
  2. Learn some Chinese and Tamil Ahma, I know a few sentences in each
  3. Take Physics I took it, but the teacher taught in Malay so I didn't understand a lot
  4. Buy a sari Or 3...
  5. Participate in Ramadan I fasted 5 days!
  6. Teach someone how to Cotton Eyed Joe Where did he come from, where did he go? Sadly no :(
  7. Become close friends with the other YES Abroad students Teresa and James became my family
  8. Be on some sort of sports team I was on the hockey team for a few team
  9. Watch the Olympics from Malaysia I was able to cheer for both of my countries!
  10. Visit Thailand Only for a few hours, but the stamp is in my passport.
  11. Get henna done A lot of times!
  12. Buy a head scarf I bought at leat 20 and wore them quite often
  13. Worship at a mosque I didn't worship, but I visited
  14. Share information with Brewster students about studying abroad One of my friends was an alternate for YES Abroad
  15. Get homesick Yes
  16. Get over it Heck yes
  17. Eat a bizarre food Sting ray and fish stomach anyone?
  18. Eat from a street vendor Most of my meals
  19. Visit the beach So many beautiful islands
  20. Take tons of pictures 3 memory cards worth
  21. Make a video about  host family/ life in Malaysia yep!
  22. Disprove stereotypes about Americans My class knows we don't eat at McD's everyday
  23. Make an American meal for my host family yep, cooked them grilled cheese and tomato soup
  24. Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf/ Journal logistics didn't work out on this sadly
  25. Write snail mail to people in the US Christmas cards!
  26. Send postcards to school/ church/ dance See above.
  27. Keep a running blog This was updated fairly regularly
  28. Get tan By the end I was darker than some Malaysians
  29. Learn about Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism Oh definitely, I stayed with families of all 3 religions
  30. Learn how to make a Malaysian food I can make a mean nasi goreng and teh o ais
28/30... not bad!

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