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I figured I should probably move my posts about studying abroad from my old blog over to here, so here's something I wrote rather early on my way to the airport for an interview

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Writing this from my phone in the car, so excuse any bizarre typos or auto corrects. Anyways, im in the car... On my way to LaGuardia! Flying out to Denver in t minus 2 hours. Flying United Airlines, its about a 4:45 flight. I'm flying with the fabulous Ryley, my travel buddy. Ryley and I met at our CBYX interview and she's great.
The IPSE, basically just a weekend long interview, has been shimmering in the distance since February 29, when I found out about semi-finalist and I can't believe I'll be there in a couple of hours. Everything is starting to feel real. I'm so close to being abroad I can almost taste it. I'm getting a bit antsy about everything, finalist notifications come out pretty soon for all the programs. Its amazing how life can change with the prospect of an e-mail or letter in the mail.
Enough with my nervous thoughts though. I'm excited to meet the other 88 semis, especially all the great people I've talked to on Facebook We're going to be a great group of teens and were destined for a good time.  have my fingers crossed for everyone! I'll definitely write during this weekend, although I probably can't disclose the top secret IPSE going ons. :) eep! So excited!

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