Last Day of School!

4:43 PM

I survived Form 4! Alleluia!
The past week of school hasn't even felt like school. Exams are finished for everyone except the Form 5 students who are taking the super important SPM, which is a government standardized test that is key to getting into a good university and acquiring a good job. But for us Form 4's and the Form 3's it was party time!!
Kind of.
Each class was assigned an area of the school to clean, along with cleaning their own classroom. But 4 Kekwa was assigned the volleyball court. Also known as a giant slab of concrete. It's hard to clean a giant slab of concrete without hosing it down and that was impossible... So after picking up a stray candy bar wrapper, we had finished cleaning!
To pass the time until school was over, it was decided we should play games. And take pictures.
I was in a cultural sharing-y mood, so I decided to teach my classmates an American game, Quack Diddly O'so (spelling?). Basically you sit in a circle and clap (kind of like giving a high-five only horizontal) the hand of the person next to you. There's a really silly song that I managed to teach everyone- it sounds so cute when sung in the Malaysian accent!
Quack  Diddly O'so Song:
Quack diddly o'so quack quack quack
Senorita, your mama smells like pizza
Dalora, Dalora, I threw up on the floor-a
When the song reaches the 10, the person who you're about to slap hands with either moves their hand or you hit them. If you miss, you're out. If they're hit, they're out.

It sounds really complicated, but I think it's one of things that you have to see to understand.... So, a video!
After Quack Diddly Oso (Shivani was crowned champion), we played truth or dare. I'll sum it up like this: Malaysian truth or dare is completely different from the American version. There were no boys, so that might have changed things up a bit. We all did some pretty, er, interesting things and I somehow ended up with an "I'm sorry" balloon. I pretty much love my class and all its craziness.
Finally, it was time for us to go back home, and we all hugged and said goodbye. Someone wished me a Merry Christmas and I laughed until I realized that, yeah, the next time I'll be in school will be next year!
Two of us in the class told our parents the wrong time for pick-up, softer most everyone had left, my friend Fari, her sister and I went to the mall next to our school for a drink. While there, we found a store with Christmas decorations already up. Eeeeeee! I love Christmas, but it's hard to get in the spirit when it's 90 degrees outside, all the time...
Anyways, happy school holidays to all Malaysians!

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  1. Its nice to see you're teaching ur malaysian friends on how to play truth or dare and quack diddlely oso..haha..oh before i forgot,merry christmas to u too in advance...

  2. sorry there is no snow here =.='

  3. Sorry, u dont learn much about Islam. U rather learn a lot from reading.

  4. entry about you in my blog...:)

  5. im waiting 4 ur cristmas in malaysia entry... haha
    without snow, just hot n humid climate...
    wish u good luck 4 whatever you do... =)

  6. Finally an English blog! Happy to read your ramblings here =)

  7. hi there hannah,
    glad to know you're enjoying your stay ^^

    suka makan lemang, rendang dan ketupat? ^^


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