3 weeks! (I'm alive. I promise.)

4:16 PM

It is crazy that I have been here for 2 weks already! It feels like it's been forever yet no time at all.
Sorry for not posting as often as I would like to, I have no internet at my host family's house. It kind of sucks, but at the same time it keeps me from being constantly talking to people back home.
I don't even know what to write about! The computer I'm using has no memory card slot so I can't even spam you all with pictures! Instead I will just list some things that I have done/ I have found interesting
Life in Malaysia:

  • people at school touch my face and call me pretty and a Barbie
  • my school is Hogwarts: there are prefects, a headmaster, and ties
  • saris are so beautiful
  • Hindu temples are strangely like baptist churches, clapping and all
  • fish spas, where fish eat your dead skin, are awesome
  • not hugging cats or human is strange
  • you never really get used to the staring
  • Bugs that are mouse sized are normal
  • Grocery markets are akin to shopping malls
  • Lah, boleh, aioooo are part of people's daily speech
  • There is an entire aisle at the supermarket  devoted to Chile peppers
  • Malaysians favorite activities include sleep, tv , and eating

Im writing this in a giant grocery store that has free WiFi. Free WiFi is enough to cause me to squeal and jump and down a little bit. Some lady just snapped a photo of me, that happens a lot too. Life here is so different in every way possible. Im adapting, slowly but surely. Leaving the store now, so I have to wrap this up with a promise to write more later and a big hug to everyone back home!

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