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5:47 PM

I've officially been in Malaysia for 3 months now, which is absolutely crazy! A quarter of my year seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. 

So in honor of finally establishing a routine in my life, here's what a typical day looks like for me, complete with commentating in parentheses by yours truly!

6.20~ Host mom wakes me up by turning on the lights. Trying to regain consciousness. Shower (for optimum warm water temperature turn the knob on the M) Host sister wakes up, showers. Put on uniform. Drink coffee/ tea/ Milo/ this weird white drink made from oats.

6.50-7.20~Leave the house. Drop host sister off at her host school. Get dropped off at my school. (make sure to sit with someone in the canteen or people will stare at you 3 times more than usual.)

7.20~ Morning assembly. This is a big affair on Mondays, with all the teachers in attendance and various country/ state/ school songs being sung. (Note: your pinafore will get dirty from sitting on the ground. Make sure to brush off your tush before going to class!)

7.20-anywhere from 1.10-2.15~ School. zzz. Post about this later!

Whatever time I get back home-6.30ish~ Lunch, sleep, computer, reading, trying to learn BM, tv, chilling with my host sister.

6.30ish~ Shower, Umi gets home, dinner

8.00~ TV Time with the host family begins! 8.00 is the news followed by..

9.00~ Master Chef Malaysia Season 2

10.00~ Adam dan Hawa. I don't understand 75% of what the characters are saying but I've still managed to form some sort of plot line that makes sense...

10.30-11.00~ CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, etc... My fill of American crime dramas~

11.30ish~ Sleep time for the exchange student!

So that's what my day looks like... Pretty laid back, but still very Malaysian.
I leave you with this:

The catchiest Malay song ever that I basically have on repeat in my head. Enjoy!

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  1. Nice normal malaysian lifestyle.. Btw.. I think the weird drink is horlicks

  2. Nice catchy song. Im a malaysian and i've never heard this song before. But Let me give a literal translation of the song here:

    For Her

    Turn up your radio (4x)

    Im the one who must,
    who must (echo~must)
    give her everything,
    because I can, yes I can,
    do everything..
    for her, for her..(8x)

    She's full of style,
    everything paid cash,
    always shopping,
    maybe daughter of someone wealthy,
    sometimes when she goes to Singapore,
    She doesn't stay at her relatives' house,
    She wants the Shangri-La..

    Met her on Facebook,
    several days later,
    maybe I'm cute,
    She told me to meet her in KL,
    oh KL
    Oh forgot to mention this lady,
    KL (as in KL-girl..or urban girl)

    No kidding, she's really like this,
    Finally, I heard she's got a man,
    Her man drives a Mercedes,
    Whatever she wants, he gives.

    Im the one who must,
    who must (echo~must)
    give her everything,
    because I can, yes I can,
    do everything..
    for her, for her..(8x)

    [najwa- girl]
    You have style,
    even though you're not rich,
    it's not just looks, I'm looking for,
    Maybe you see me likes to shop a lot,
    But actually I'm a moderate girl,
    Met on Facebook,
    I had a crush on you,
    Not that i don't want to admit,
    But I'm embarassed,
    Your smile is amazing, (echo~amazing)
    you captured my heart.

    There's something you must know,
    about me and that guy,
    even he gives me things,
    but all those things,
    can't give happiness (echo~happiness)
    that's not everything....

    Repeat chorus

    So cheesy lyrics...but well dang catchy...

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlO2sSuezXw
    it's got a music video and all...wow
    now it's stuck in my head...
    it's gangnam style all over again...
    I'll sing in my sleep

  4. "...this weird white drink made from oats."

    Horlicks is the name. Correct me if I'm wrong

    Peace! XD

  5. Your host family might already addicted to that tv series - adam dan hawa,, and so am I. :)

  6. i can't believe you watch adam & hawa. hihi. glad to know that you're having a great time in malaysia. oh and that song is untuk dia by najwa latif. she was a youtuber before she got an offer to be a recording artist. you can watch her on muka buku najwa latif. i'm pretty sure it's on youtube. you can watch her play guitar and sing on her youtube channel najwa595. love ur blog ☺

  7. hahahhaha.....weird white drink....


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