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While staying with my Deepavali family, Nora and I were able to follow them for a short holiday to Penang. It wasn't even a holiday, rather a time for all the kids in the family to meet up and enjoy each other's company while their parents do the same.
The older children in the family had planned such activities as trivia games, making someone into an animal using only what's on the beach and tag games. These were definitely fun to participate in, but the best part of the holiday was the beach.
I love the beach. I have always loved the beach. I probably always will love the beach. I've been to beaches  everywhere from the rocky, freezing waters of Nova Scotia, Canada, to the powdery sun-warmed sand of New Smyrna, Florida. There's just something about the rhythmic crashing of the waves, the foam lapping at your toes, the seagulls cawing in the distance, that makes a beach more than just a tourist destination.
 The beach on Penang was absolutely beautiful. The water was lighter, clearer and a million times warmer than American beaches. The sand was powdery near the ocean and coarse near the hotel. This was my first beach in Malaysia, hopefully I'll visit many more.


Postcard weather, n'est ce pas?

View from the Penang ferry

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  1. Go to Tioman Island... the beaches there is absolutely more beautiful..

  2. Hi Hannah, since you're a beach lover I highly recommend you to go to Tioman Island in Pahang or Redang Island/Perhentian Island in Terengganu. (After the monsoon season) Check out the web. Highly recommended: Berjaya Redang Beach Resort. Paradiso!

  3. hey
    let me bring you to get some vacation on any island in Malaysia
    i have yacht, so we can enjoy it


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