Mabul Island, Sabah

4:11 PM

Paradise... My first island in Malaysia! In Borneo nonetheless
Another picture-y post. If I wrote about Mabul you'd be reading a post about the joys of tanning and sleeping on the beach.
Photos 1-4 were taken by the wonderful Giulia Rovera
All photos edited by yours truly

Actually, there were no beaches on our side of the island, but we "borrowed" the beach at a resort.

Blue starfish just lying on the beach

In front of our hotel which was more like a backpacker's lodge, there were a group of sea gypsies. The little children would come and swim with us, but also beg for food. They live on these little boats and make their money through begging and selling whatever meager fish they can catch.

Orang putih no longer.... Becoming brown.

The water in Mabul was super clear. The snorkelling there was hands down the best snorkelling I've experienced. Although litter is a serious problem at many of the beaches, the coral population is rich and Mabul is home to many endangered species indigenous to the are. Sipadan, a neighbor island, is one of the best diving sites in the world.

A lot of oil drilling offshore... Thankfully we didn't see any residue on the beaches. Although I got a bad sting off a jellyfish!

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