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I've toyed with the idea of updating my Malaysia/ exchange blog for what has been years now, but because I am an overstressed college student, it took an actual assignment to do so...
That being said, I'm really excited to share with you all that I do plan on continue blogging! Now that I've updated the format of my blog, made it more me-focused as opposed to Malaysia-focused, I hope to more regularly post on what I've been up to. This will include travel reflections/ journals, my thoughts on various issues, photography, and updates from my life as a college student. My family has also been hosting exchange students since I returned in 2013, and I have all sorts of fun stories I can share from those experiences.
While this blog is no longer solely for exchange, I do want to say that my time abroad has shaped me in immeasurable ways and there's no way I will be able to write without it influencing my words. I'll likely still have tales of reverse culture shock (even almost three years later), and what it is like to be an alumna of the YES Abroad and AFS Programs. Exchange never really leaves a person, a topic I hope to discuss in depth on this blog. I've also included information about my exchange programs on the top of my blog because I really believe that every person should leave their home country, and exchange is an incredibly unique way to do so.
I'm sure that there will, of course, be the occasional post about how much I miss Malaysian food, perhaps even some Malaysian restaurant views? There are some good ones in New York City but I have yet to find nasi lemak that tastes as good as the kind wrapped in newspaper from the nasi uncle on Saturday mornings.
For now, I'll leave you with a little bit about my college experience thus far. As of today at 2:15 pm, when I complete my Spanish oral exam, I will be officially done with my first semester at Washington College. WAC, as we lovingly refer to the school, has become a home to me over the past four months and has so much to offer in the way of both academic and social experiences. As of now, I'm on track to double major in International Studies and Anthropology, and hopefully minor in Spanish, Chinese, and Music. I'm looking at spending my junior year abroad in Argentina and China, and am also very excited to share that I will be traveling to Cuba over winter break as an Ethnomusicology course, and heading to Tanzania in May for a course in development. I'm planning on traveling to ten new countries before I graduate, so I wanted to start early. Wish me luck.
I look forward to sharing my experiences with you, dear readers, thank you for following me over the years and I hope you enjoy the new things I have to offer.

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  1. Would love to hear about your travels to Cuba. Salam from Malaysia

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