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As my departure date draws nearer, I have realized two main things. 1)There is a lot I want to do before I get to Malaysia and 2) There is even more I want to get done while I am there
I am a very list-y person, I love having pages full of bulleted things to do and I love even more checking those items off. So I have made these two bucket lists of things I need to accomplish, here's to getting them done!

To-Do's Before I Leave

  1. Write letters to people close to me that will miss me, to be opened when I am departed
  2. Buy a pair of memory foam slides
  3. Cook my family dinner without giving them food poisoning
  4. Learn how to introduce myself in Malay
  5. Say goodbye to all my junior friends (tears guaranteed)
  6. Learn how to do a cartwheel (cushioning required)
  7. Go through all my clothes and give away what I don't wear
  8. Baby-sit for someone
  9. Go to the beach
  10. Go to a carnival
To-Do's while in Malaysia
  1. Become fluent in Malay
  2. Learn some Chinese and Tamil
  3. Take Physics
  4. Buy a sari
  5. Participate in Ramadan
  6. Teach someone how to Cotton Eyed Joe
  7. Become close friends with the other YES Abroad students
  8. Be on some sort of sports team
  9. Watch the Olympics from Malaysia
  10. Visit Thailand
  11. Get henna done
  12. Buy a head scarf
  13. Worship at a mosque
  14. Share information with Brewster students about studying abroad
  15. Get homesick
  16. Get over it
  17. Eat a bizarre food
  18. Eat from a street vendor
  19. Visit the beach
  20. Take tons of pictures
  21. Make a video about  host family/ life in Malaysia
  22. Disprove stereotypes about Americans
  23. Make an American for my host family
  24. Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf/ Journal
  25. Write snail mail to people in the US
  26. Send postcards to school/ church/ dance
  27. Keep a running blog
  28. Get tan
  29. Learn about Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism
  30. Learn how to make a Malaysian food
That's what I have for now, I am beyond excited to check these off. I imagine I will be adding other things to the list, hopefully I'll keep it up to date.
25 days!

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  1. You should definitely do a traveling journal while you're in Malaysia. I've had one for about two years, and it's so great to look back and see where you were at with your friends and how far you've come!

  2. Visit various Malay, Chinese, Indian, Portugese and Baba Nyonyo restaurants.

    Visit the different states and cities in West and East Malaysia (and Singapore).

    Visit Redang Island, Pangkor Island, Langkawi Island, Penang.


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