Family Time!

8:55 AM

Yesterday, I received my long anticipated e-mail... I have a host family!

I am going to be hosted in a suburb of Ipoh, a main city in Malaysia, in the province of Perak.

Pictures: (cue the ooh's & ahhh's)

Beautiful, isn't it?
When I got the e-mail saying I'd been placed with a host family, the information on my AFS account said if I would be living with only a young woman. I ended up calling her last night, 10 PM my time 9 AM theirs, and definitely got a surprise!
 I actually have 2 host sisters and a host dad. My host sisters are 13 and 3 months. Such a little baby! I get to be a big sister for the first time, a completely new experience as I'm the youngest of my family here by over 10 years. Looking forward  to chubby cheeks, first words and watching her grow up.
My family is Indian. The 13 year old speaks very good English, and her mother speaks pretty good English, but with a very heavy accent. There were a lot of "what did you say's?" and uncertain, but good-natured laughter on both of our parts during the phone call. My host dad speaks very limited English... So in addition to being learning Bahasa Melayu (Malay) for school I will probably ending up learning Tamil, definitely a bonus.
Having an Indian family also means I'll be experiencing beautiful saris, Deepvali, and Indian food. Can you say curry crazed? Definitely no complaints on my part!

Indian food from a restaurant in my host city

Curry! yumalicious

In other news, my suitcase is staring me down in the hallway... I really need  to start packing- I guess I'll tackle that once school and finals are over (2 weeks left)
17 days until I leave for the PDO in DC, only 16 nights left sleeping in my own bed.
Until then, may your curries be warm, your air conditioning functioning and your hearts full of time with family and friends.

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