Fifty Days

1:50 AM

Yeah, it seems crazy but I've already been in Malaysia for 50 days! To celebrate, I've made a list of 50 things I love about this country. Enjoy, and here's to another great 311 or so days here

Best of Malaysia in 50 Days

  1. How inexpensive food is. You can buy a full (and delicious) meal for $1
  2. Orange juice tastes like oranges, not concentrate
  3. Palm trees on palm treees on palm trees
  4. Sunsets
  5. Roti canai: this doughy bread that's so yummy!
  6. If you're hungry at 2 AM, not only will 10 restaurants be open, but they'll all be packed.
  7. Being able to walk down the street and see a mosque, Buddhist temple, and Hindu temple
  8. 7-story malls
  9. Long car rides
  10. MY MALAY HOST FAMILY (love them♥)
  11. The metric system
  12. White Coffee
  13. Indian clothing
  14. Entire aisles in supermarkets devoted to chicken nuggets
  15. Eating rice at almost every meal
  16. Tamil and Malay soap operas that are strangely addictive even though I have no idea what they're saying
  17. The British accents people have when they speak English
  18. Sleeping in school is completely acceptable
  19. HARI RAYA (lots more about this in a later post)
  20. Seeing the mountains on the horizon
  21. Walking into a store and seeing people wearing saris, people wearing baju kurung, and people wearing short shorts.
  22. The Perak state song
  23. the stray cats that wander around my school
  24. Bangles!
  25. Small adorable Malaysian children
  26. One Direction family sing alongs in the car
  27. Absolutely ridiculous public service announcements on the radios
  28. 5 hour naps
  29. Sweet Malaysian boys that give me flowers
  30. Kampungs (villages)
  31. Swimming in waterfalls
  32. Asian hipsters
  33. Eating almost everything with your hands! It's a lot easier.
  34. Fresh fruit. Bananas, mangosteen, pomelo, pineapple...
  35. Salam'ing people
  36. Being salam'ed by younger kids
  37. Cow crossings
  38. Rain and thunderstorms that shake the house
  39. Tea
  40. Almost no one goes to bed before 2 AM
  41. Classmates applauding when I try to speak Malay
  42. My school is Hogwarts... 4 houses, prefects, a headmaster and all
  43. The family of cats that lives behind the house that meow adorably all night
  44. Traffic lights that say how much longer you have to wait
  45. The little lizards that are always on the walls
  46. How big of a role religion has on society
  47. Impossibly blue skies
  48. Smiling at people that stare at you and making them smile back
  49. All the people that have made these 50 days amazing. Seriously, so many kind and welcoming people here :)
  50. How much I've grown already and how excited I am for the rest of the year


adorable children

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  1. these photos are so beautiful!!
    hope you're enjoying Malaysia :)

  2. Other than your current post, i like this! very cute post! welcome and enjoy your stay here! :)

  3. you have a beautiful heart, it shows in every post. we are reading "things" we always took for granted from your eyes. thank you and please keep writing. - Malay, Perakian man who lives in KL.

  4. Ahhhh Perak adalah tanah tumpah darahku. Kenangan terindah banyak terpalit di sana. Eh, jangan guna Google Translate tau!

  5. Hannah .
    my heart move fast by read your article . oh ~ how i wish i could meet you .
    Johorian, Malaysia :)


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