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So last night I was at the mosque meeting my Malay Muslim host family that I'll be with for Hari Raya.
This reporter talked to us and turns out I'm in the paper! I'll post the link with the translation. It's all google translate so sorry it's awkward sounding.

Eight teenagers from abroad the opportunity to experience at first hand the atmosphere welcoming Hari Raya at their host family in Ipoh for a week.

Those who came from some foreign countries such as USA, Italy, Japan and Germany are some of the youths involved in a cultural exchange program organized by the Young Development Tambun Parliament.

Handing over the latter have disempuranakan by the Perak Umno Youth, Khairul Azwan Aaron on Breaking the Ramadan Fast and presentation organized by the movement's contribution in the compound of Masjid An Nur, Batu 8, Ulu Kinta yesterday afternoon. Also present at the movement's deputy chief, Mohd. Anuar Ariffin and several Umno division chief.

UMNO Youth Chief Tambun Division, Mazlan Abd. Rahman said the program was initiated two years ago, which among others aims to provide opportunities for rural young people to know the culture in this country and vice versa.

Some adopted children and their families who interviewed this program is very good because it is able to bridge the cultural gap between the continent that has only known through the media.

Hanna Foster, 15, from United States said that, this is the first time he had been given the opportunity to attend this program.

"Although hot here but I am confident I can overcome it,'' he said, were excited to experience at first hand experience with her foster family hari raya.

Her foster mother, Zuraidah Hanum Zamri said, this is the third time he has been given the opportunity to adopt a child from overseas.

"I have two children of their own and they will be pleased to receive Hanna,'' he said adding that he would bring children to their foster family home in the Gulf Sareh, Kampung Gajah.

For January Petermann, 19, from Germany, he will use the opportunity to spend a city with a host family to know the culture better Nona welcomed among the Malays here.

"This is the first time I was given an opportunity like this and I am very excited,'' he said, came to this country as a volunteer in the field fisioteraphi.

Her foster mother, Zainoori Zainal Abidin said, a cultural exchange program is very good because it will increase the knowledge and avoid pre-thought about other people's culture.

"I was also the first time to adopt a child and I will take him hari raya with my family,'' he said, lived in the Village Ruff.

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