A Weekend in KL

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Relay for Life KL!

First of all, thanks to everyone that leaves me comments. You readers are seriously awesome and thanks for all the well wishes after my last post. I'll be fine, no worries :)

Anyways, two weekends ago I went back to KL! For anyone that doesn't know, Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and it is a really fabulous city. The public transportation rivals those of New York or DC and the ethnic neighborhoods add some Malaysian flair to a big city.
After a 2.5 hour journey on the KTM train from Ipoh, I arrived at KL Sentral and wa reunited with two of my Americans. It had been 3 months since I had seen any exchange students besides the ones in my chapter, let alone my fellow YES Abroad'ers. Our reunion was very hug-filled, something just not as common among teens in Malaysia.
With my fellow Americans and two German exchange students we met up with along the way, I played tourist for the day. The last time I was in KL was for our arrival camp and there wasn't enough time to see a lot of the city. We went to Mid-Valley Mall (shopaholic at heart, what can I say?), KLCC, Bangsa, and various places in between. Although it was awesome seeing the city, it was even better to be back with other exchange students. Don't get me wrong, the exchange students in my chapter are really awesome people, but there's something to be said for being able to speak rapid-fire English with other Americans.
On the train
I spent the night at a friend's house. The next morning it was pouring, but we had to walk to the LRT station near her house, so we tied plastic bags around our heads and ran like mad to the train. We had lunch at McDonald's (unofficial official favorite restaurant of exchange students in Malaysia. It tastes like home!) and then met up with the other exchange students... Reunion with Kaila! Kaila is one of my best friends in the country, even though she lives all the way in Melaka. Wahh.
After various exchange students were all assembled, we met up with some YES returnees, people who had gone to the US from Malaysia and took a very long train ride (the train randomly stopped during the middle of the tracks?) to Stadium UKM, where Relay for Life was located.
Relay for Life is a really amazing event to raise awareness for cancer victims and support to search for a cure. During the 16-hour event, someone from each team is always walking around the track to show that cancer is a never-ending battle that so many people face. In addition to the walking, there was face painting at our AFS booth, music, and lots of food. Having so many exchange students all rallying together for such a worthy cause was so incredible. We had fun while supporting the mission of Relay for Life.
After a rather sleepless night (I managed to catch a few zzz's lying on a track, lying on a friend, lying on bleachers, and lying on a chair) we headed off to Little India with Jimmy. Kaila left to return to Melaka and Rachael, Jimmy, and I explored more of KL, going to Central Market, Chinatown and Merdeka Square. At this point, we were dead on our feet! Luckily, we headed back to our friend's place and had a very restful sleep.
The next day, I had my radio interview (airing date TBA) and Rachael and I headed back to Ipoh. What a weekend!

Cheesy mirror pics.. in a random giant mirror?


We found this store selling only Christmas items... in October?

We took naps in the park because why not?

It was so beautiful here...

But even more beautiful at night!

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  1. Glad you're having fun Hannah. You seem to enjoy more in the company of the other AFS participants rather than with the locals. Correct me if I'm wrong :)

  2. I love being with the locals too.. Only problem is, all the locals I'm friends with from school are cramming for exams!

  3. Yes Hannah, it's that time of the year and we are so exam oriented here. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to you and your host family. Hope you are having a great time :)

  4. I notice that you always wear tudung..

  5. Hannah, love you so glad your having fun.. we learned about melaka in ap world, fyi. everyone was like thats in malaysia and hannah is there. Haha i miss you so much. reading this is like hearing you tell me a story (in a more formal and manner of course!) I went to the mall today. They were playing christmas music and its november second.... oh well.
    Love, Liv

  6. Glad you're having fun Hannah... :D

  7. And hannah please visit this blog... :D

    #they write a story about you http://blogserius.blogspot.com/


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