Selamat Tahun Baru!

5:58 PM

Maybe you've noticed my absence in the blogosphere the past  month.. Sorry about that! December's been a busy, but nonetheless challenging month. It was my first Christmas away from home (Malaysia home and US home. I was in Cambodia! Will post on that later), and it was hard not being with my family for what's considered the festive season back home. So I've been pretty sad and just not in the mood for blogging.
School's starting up again tomorrow and hopefully having something to do everyday will let me fall back into a routine-- one where I will regularly blog again.
Today is a good day to start up with blogging again actually. January 1st, the beginning of 2013. New Year's was a pretty laid-back evening for me, going out to dinner with my host family then watching fireworks with some friends. However I got to celebrate the New Year again, 13 hours later with my family on Skype, which was great.
I can't help but reflect on 2012, a year of change. Every year is change as that goes along with time passing, but 2012 has introduced so many things into our lives. 2012 was the election, Oppa Gangam Style, the Sandy Hook shooting (RIP to those 26 angels), Hurricane Sandy, twitter and of course so many other events with a great impact. 2012 was a year of tremendous change for me personally. I moved across the world for Pete's sake! I've changed a lot this year, I almost feel like a new person. But still, I have things I need to work on.
In America, I always have made New Year's Resolutions. Like most people's they lay forgotten only a few months later. Hoping to break that tradition, this year I've made a to-do list of things I want to accomplish in hope they will improve my life and myself. Often I use lists to help organize my thoughts and strategize. I hope to keep up with them, as there's nothing better than fulfilling a promise to yourself by completing a task on a to-do list. Some of these are Malaysia specific, things I want to accomplish before I make that 24 hour journey back to the States, but others hopefully I can upkeep for the rest of the year. So without further ado, I present to you
Hannah's 2013 To-Do List

  • Stop looking back on decisions wondering what could-have-been; accept your past and don't dwell it
  • Lose exchange weight! (only 3 kilos...but still. Thanks nasi!)
  • Join a club or activity outside of school
  • Have a conversation with everyone in my host family everyday
  • Pray every night
  • Volunteer more often
  • Do something I enjoy everyday
So there you have it. What I hope happens in 2013.
I've seen this quote posted everywhere, but I like it.
"The year is a 365 blank page book and it's up to you to write the story."
Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and fabulous New Year!

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  1. That's my girl! Be positive and treasure the tremendous opportunity you have earned. It was a blast to celebrate New Years on Skype. We love you, love your resolutions, and hope you have a marvelous first day of school! Much love, Mom and Dad

  2. HAHA . nasi will make u fat . but nasi is always awesome for Malaysian :)btw gud luck Hannah for 2013 .

  3. pray every night - that is the key of perseverence dear...keep the faith!


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